Moroccan Canadians

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Moroccan Canadians
Canadiens d'origine marocaine (French)
Total population
(by ancestry, 2011 Census) [1]
est. 100,000 [2]
Regions with significant populations
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg
Arabic (Moroccan Arabic), Berber, English and French
Islam, Judaism, Christianity

Moroccan Canadians are Canadians of Moroccan descent or Morocco-born people who reside in Canada, as well as people from the state of Morocco who are ethno-linguistic and religious minorities. According to the 2011 Census there were 71,910 Canadians who claimed full or partial Moroccan ancestry, an increase compared to the 2006 Census.[1]


Moroccans began arriving in Canada in the mid-1960s in search of employment and a new life. Between 1962 and 1993, 40,000 settled in Canada.

The next wave came in the late 1990s. Moroccan immigrants settled mainly in the province of Quebec, but there are also communities in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Winnipeg. Because many Moroccans living in Canada are not registered with the Moroccan authorities, the real weight of the Moroccan community in Canada may be underestimated.

In recent years, Moroccans have become more organized, as have other communities in Canada, and are starting to form communities across the country. There are at least 20 Moroccan organizations in Canada.

At the 2001 Canadian Census there were 21,355 Canadians who indicated Moroccan descent, with over 16,000, about 75% of the total population, residing in Montreal.[3]

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