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Parliamentary elections were held for the first time in Morocco on 17 May 1963. They followed the approval of a constitution in a referendum the previous year. The result was a victory for the pro-Monarchy Front for the Defence of Constitutional Institutions (FDIC), which won 69 seats. However, the two main opposition parties, the Istiqlal Party and the National Union of Popular Forces, won exactly the same number of seats.[1] Voter turnout was 71.8%.[2]

However, in November the Supreme Court annulled the results of several seats won by the opposition. By-elections held in January 1964 gave the FDIC control of Parliament,[3] which was eventually dissolved by King Hassan II in 1965.


Party Votes % Seats
Front for the Defence of Constitutional Institutions 1,159,932 34.8 69
Istiqlal Party 1,000,506 30.0 41
National Union of Popular Forces 751,056 22.5 28
Moroccan Communist Party 2,345 0.1 0
Independents 421,479 12.6 6
Invalid/blank votes 113,221 - -
Total 3,448,539 100 144
Source: Nohlen et al.


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