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Moroccans in Italy
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Total population
420,650 ~0.71% of total population
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Lombardy.svg Lombardy · Flag of Piedmont.svg Piedmont · Flag of Emilia-Romagna.svg Emilia-Romagna
Arabic (Moroccan Arabic), Berber and Italian
mainly Sunni Islam but also Christianity, Judaism, Irreligious and Atheism

There is a large population of Moroccans in Italy. According to Italy's 2016 census, 420,650 Italians (0.71% of total population) are foreign people with Moroccan nationality, ethnic-Moroccans are estimated at 675,000, that is 1,1% the population of Italy. Moroccans continue to be the third largest non-indigenous minority ethnic group in Italy after Romanians and Albanians.

Radicalization and deportations[edit]

Moroccans constitute the largest group of those deported by Italian authorities for jihadist extremism, with 110 deportees having been expulsed by December 2018. Deportees are issued with a prohibition order to return for a period of five years and the prohibition also applies to the entire Schengen Area.[1]

In January 2019, Italian authorities deported a 37-year-old Moroccan man due to him constituting a threat to national security. The man was an illegal immigrant in Italy for 22 years, had a lengthy criminal record and while in jail was in the process of becoming radicalized.[2]

Geographical distribution[edit]

Based on Demo Istat statistics.[3]

Notable people[edit]

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Further reading[edit]

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