Tetsuji Morohashi

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Tetsuji Morohashi

Tetsuji Morohashi (諸橋 轍次?, Morohashi Tetsuji, June 4, 1883 – December 8, 1982) was an important figure in the field of Japanese language studies and Sinology. He is best known as chief editor of the Dai Kan-Wa jiten, a comprehensive dictionary of Chinese characters, or kanji.

Morohashi's father was also a scholar of Chinese and was a lover of the poetry of Su Shi. His name, Tetsuji, is derived from the name of Su Shi's brother Zhe (轍, Japanese: Tetsu) and the suffix "ji" (Chinese: ; pinyin: ; literally: "sub-, secondary").

  • Great Chinese-Japanese Dictionary (大漢和辭典?, Dai Kan-Wa jiten) (Great Chinese-Japanese Dictionary) Morohashi Tetsuji, ed. Tōkyō: Taishūkan shoten 大修館書店 .
    • 1943: Vol. I
    • 1955-1960: Vol. I revised & Vols. II-XIII.

The Dr. Tetsuji Morohashi Museum (諸橋轍次記念館?) is located in his hometown of Sanjō, Niigata, which is also known as the Kangaku no sato (漢学の里 "Home of Chinese Studies").


Tetsuji Morohashi Memorial Museum, in Sanjō, Niigata.

Morohashi was honored for contributions to sinology and lexicography.


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