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The Morokodo are an ethnic group numbering over 40,000 people living in the South Sudanese state of Central Equatoria.[1] They speak Morokodo language, a Nilo-Saharan language.

Historically Morokodo were high populated but later scattered during the Budowe Empire (regime) in Western Equatoria. During the war, the most morokdo people survived on the mountains and in the cave, according to the story, when the Azende war ended, some morokodo people were scattered all over and they end up settling in different place till today. In western Equatoria You will find Morokodo tribe in Kozi, Mbara,Gulu, Mundri, Amadi, Maridi and many other parts of western equatoria. Morokodo,Jur and Baka speaks Similar dialect with some borrowed words. For example Sun are all called kadra in this three local dialects. According to the old stories, they were powerful people and united but later weakened by Azende war headed by King Buduwe.