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Moroleón is a city located in the same name municipality of the state of Guanajuato, adjacent to the border with the state of Michoacán, in Mexico.

It lies directly west of the city of Uriangato, and is a part of the Uriangato-Moroleón metropolitan area that includes the two municipalities. The city is the seat of the municipality. In the Mexican census of 2005 the city had a population of 41,909 inhabitants, while the municipality had a population of 46,751. The municipality has an area of 164.97 km² (60.606 sq mi). Moroleon is considered an important clothes shopping destination in Guanajuato, with clothing stores that line the streets for miles as it is one of the leading cities of the textile industry in all of Mexico. On the 16th of January, there is a big festival to celebrate the history of the church. Also, there is another celebration on the 16 of September to recognize the independence of Mexico.

Nearby cities include Uriangato, Yuriria and Morelia.

Notable people[edit]

  • General Tomás Moreno (1800–1864)
  • Jesús López López, doctor, writer, poet and politician (1888–1962)
  • Arizona State Representative Cesar Chavez (born October 30, 1987)
  • United States Representative Salud Carbajal (born November 18, 1964)


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Coordinates: 20°08′N 101°12′W / 20.133°N 101.200°W / 20.133; -101.200