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eMule MorphXT Mod
eMule MorphXT 12.2
eMule MorphXT 12.2
Original author(s)Morpheus
Developer(s)Morph team
Initial releaseJanuary 23, 2003; 16 years ago (2003-01-23)
Stable release12.7 (November 21, 2012; 6 years ago (2012-11-21)) [±]
Written inC++
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
TypePeer-to-peer file sharing
LicenseGNU General Public License

eMule MorphXT is a peer-to-peer file sharing application for Microsoft Windows released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), as is its parent software eMule.[1]

eMule connects to both the eDonkey network and the Kad network. The distinguishing features of eMule are the direct exchange of sources between client nodes, fast recovery of corrupted downloads, and the use of a credit system to reward frequent uploaders. Furthermore, eMule transmits data and control codes in zlib-compressed form to save bandwidth.


The original eMule program was released under the GPL on 7 July 2002. The license allowed free modification of the software, and the first MorphXT mod was released on 21 January 2003 by a user using the name "morpheus". Between version MorphXT 2.0 and 8.3, the main developer used the name "SiRoB".

In September 2006 SiRoB announced he would cease development, since the French DADVSI copyright law made it illegal to develop peer-to-peer programs in France.[2] Since then releases have been less frequent, although whenever eMule increases its minor version number, MorphXT increases its major version number.

Differences from eMule[edit]

MorphXT has the following additional differences to eMule:

  • Uses powershare to prioritize files and publish them to the network
  • A different UPnP implementation, to map ports and web interfaces
  • Performance and gui tweaks
  • Anti leecher system, banning some types of leecher mod
  • Multi user web interface
  • Ability to import partial files
  • Capability to natively run as a Windows NT service


Several improvements first introduced in MorphXT have been incorporated back into the original eMule program.

The MorphXT team recently switched to using Git for version control, and keeps a private repository. The public repository on SourceForge is being updated as releases are made.


MorphXT's anti leeching system is based on static comparison of version strings. Some users have criticized [3] this method, because it bans some clients that are not actively leeching, but are potentially capable of doing so. In addition, since the software adds functionality to the already complex eMule program, it can become too complex for many users.

Fake version[edit]

Several versions of MorphXT have been released demanding a fee to download the software.[citation needed]

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