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Morr Music is an independent record label based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 1999 by Thomas Morr. Most artists on the label fall into the categories of intelligent dance music, electronica and dreampop, but all reflect Thomas Morr's personal taste. This results in a cohesive aesthetic observable in both the aural and visual elements of this label's releases.


The label's style of music stems from the hybridization of electronica and indie[1] or shoegazer rock. Generally speaking, artists on this label combine these elements in a way that can appeal to pop, dance, and rock fans alike. The shoegazing sound is represented here through the deployment of pop-rock melodies buried under layers of digital signal processing effects, such as distortion and reverb. Many music journalism sites reference bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, and Slowdive when reviewing Morr Music releases. A perfect testament to this overlap in styles is the Morr Music two-disc compilation album Blue Skied an' Clear, which contains a full disc of artists reworking Slowdive tracks in the style of electronica typically associated with Morr Music.


Plinkerpop (or Plinker music) is a genre of rock music, whose name was coined by the producer Thomas Morr, the founder of record company Morr Music. First popularized by the German musical group Herrmann & Kleine, the genre is noted for its unique and engaging style in which "glitchy" synthetic tones are intermixed with what is described as "genuine pop bliss".

Plinkerpop was initially popularized by the now-defunct German band Herrmann & Kleine. While Herrmann & Kleine disbanded in 2005, plinkerpop still enjoys mainstream acceptance in the German and British alternative music scenes.



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