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Coordinates: 46°48′46″N 71°12′38″W / 46.812909°N 71.210557°W / 46.812909; -71.210557

Morrin Centre
Morrin Centre.jpg
Location 44, chaussée des Écossais
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
G1R 4H3

Official name Morrin College / Former Quebec Prison National Historic Site of Canada
Designated 1981
Official name Édifice du Morrin College
Type Classified heritage immovable
Designated 1981
Reference no. 92687[1]

The Morrin Centre is a cultural centre in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. It is designed to educate the public about the historic contribution and present-day culture of local English-speakers. The centre contains the private English-language library of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, heritage spaces for events, and interpretation services.


It is located in a former prison building that has been designated a National Historic Site of Canada.[2]

This site has housed four different functions:

In 2004, the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec became owners of the historic site through an emphyteutic lease. In the last decade, the Society has broadened its mandate. The building was entirely renovated, and transformed into the Morrin Centre, which not only houses the library but also acts as Quebec City’s English-language cultural centre and a historical interpretation site.


The Museum is affiliated with: CMA, CHIN, and Virtual Museum of Canada.


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