Morris Commercial J2

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Morris J2
Morris J2 van mfd 1957 1489cc police livery.JPG
Manufacturer Morris Commercial
Also called Austin 152
Austin J2
Production 1956 – 1967
Assembly United Kingdom
Bogotá (Colombia)[1]
Body and chassis
Class Van
Body style van
Engine 1.5 L, 1.6 L B-series
Successor Morris J4
Morris 250 JU

[2]The Morris Commercial J2 was a small, forward-control van (driver's cab on top of the engine) launched by Morris Commercial in 1956 and produced until 1967. It was offered with the familiar B-series petrol engine, initially in 1489 cc form, but this was subsequently enlarged to 1622 cc. A curious feature of the gear lever linkage was that the usual "H-plane" gear positions were reversed, i.e. 1st/2nd gears were at the right-hand-side and 3rd/4th to the left.

Until 1961 the van was sold alongside the relatively old-fashioned and slightly smaller Morris Commercial J-type. From 1960 the company also offered the slightly smaller Morris Commercial J4 which broadly followed the same overall architecture as the J2.

The J2 van was marketed as both the Morris J2 and the Austin J2 or Austin 152.


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