Morro da Boa Vista

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Morro da Boa Vista
Morro da Boa Vista is located in Brazil
Morro da Boa Vista
Morro da Boa Vista
Highest point
Elevation 1,827 m (5,994 ft) [1]
Listing Brazilian state high point
Coordinates 27°54′31″S 49°19′16″W / 27.90861°S 49.32111°W / -27.90861; -49.32111Coordinates: 27°54′31″S 49°19′16″W / 27.90861°S 49.32111°W / -27.90861; -49.32111
Location Santa Catarina, Brazil
Parent range Serra Geral

Morro da Boa Vista (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈmoʁu dɐ ˈboɐ ˈvistɐ]) is the highest mountain in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, the highest at Serra Geral and the third highest in Southern Brazil, after Pico Paraná and Pico Caratuva, at 1,827 metres (5,994 ft).[1] The peak can get quite cold during winter, with the possibility of snowfall. It is about 91 km north-east of Pico do Monte Negro, another Brazilian state record holder. It is 21 km south-east of Bom Retiro, Santa Catarina.

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