Morro da Igreja

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Morro da Igreja
Morro da Igreja.JPG
The summit
Highest point
Elevation 1,822 m (5,978 ft)
Coordinates 28°07′30″S 49°28′28″W / 28.12500°S 49.47444°W / -28.12500; -49.47444Coordinates: 28°07′30″S 49°28′28″W / 28.12500°S 49.47444°W / -28.12500; -49.47444
Translation Hill of the Church (Portuguese)
Pronunciation Portuguese: [ˈmoʁu dɐ iˈɡɾeʒɐ]
Morro da Igreja is located in Brazil
Morro da Igreja
Morro da Igreja
Location Urubici, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Parent range Serra Geral
Easiest route By car from Urubici on the road SC 439.

Morro da Igreja (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈmoʁu dɐ iˈɡɾeʒɐ] "Hill of the Church") is a peak situated in Urubici, a municipality of the Santa Catarina state, in southern Brazil. Its latitude is 28º07'31" S and its longitude is 49º29'38" W, with an elevation of 1,822 metres (5,977 feet), the highest inhabited point and the second most elevated of this state. This peak registered the lowest (unofficial) temperature in Brazil: -17.8 °C (0 °F), on June 29, 1996.[1][2] It is considered the coldest place in this country; tourism is popular in the winter, when snowfalls can occur.

Pedra Furada, a stone photographed from the peak.
A Thermometer above the Morro da igreja

The Brazilian Air Force has a military base on the summit equipped with radars and radio relays for air traffic control (CINDACTA) of the Brazilian Southern Region.

There is a curious natural formation in this area, called Pedra Furada (literally Drilled Stone), and it can be spotted from the peak.

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