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Morse may refer to:

  • Morse code, a method of coding messages into long and short beeps
  • Morse, an archaic word for the clasp of a cope.


  • Morse, sea-lion, in heraldry
  • Morse, an archaic word for the walrus, a large aquatic mammal


  • Morse (surname):
    • Alan Morse, American guitarist of the rock band Spock's Beard, brother of Neal Morse
    • Charles W. Morse (1858-1933), American businessman and speculator, guilty of major frauds
    • Dan Morse (born 1935), American archaeologist
    • Hosea Ballou Morse (1855-1934), American who worked for Chinese Imperial Maritime Custom Service, and scholar of China
    • Jedidiah Morse (1761-1826), early American geographer, author of American Gazeteer
    • Marston Morse (1892-1977), American mathematician
    • Neal Morse (born 1960), American singer, instrumentalist, band leader and composer, co-founder of Spock's Beard
    • Richard Auguste Morse (born 1957), Puerto-Rican-born musician and manager
    • Richard McGee Morse (1922–2001), scholar and professor at Columbia University
    • Richard S. Morse (1911-1988), scientist and inventor of Minute Maid orange juice concentrate
    • Robert Morse (born 1931), American actor
    • Robert W. Morse (1921-2001), American academic and administrator
    • Samuel Morse (1791–1872), co-inventor of aforementioned Morse code
    • Steve Morse, American musician, member of the rock bands Dixie Dregs and Deep Purple
    • Tim Morse, Chief Financial Officer of Yahoo! who in 2011 served as interim Chief Executive Officer
  • Morse (given name)





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Other uses[edit]

  • Morse College, a residential college at Yale University
  • Morse potential, a model interatomic potential energy function
  • Morse taper, a type of machine taper invented by Stephen A. Morse
  • Morse theory, in mathematics, a way of analyzing the topology of a manifold by studying differentiable functions on that manifold
  • USS Morse, a ferryboat used by the Union Navy in the American Civil War
  • Morse chain, a chain drive with inverted teeth

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