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Morse Diving is an American manufacturer of diving equipment. It was founded in 1837[1] as Morse & Fletcher in Boston MA. The name was changed in 1864 to A J Morse and Son and it remained under that name until 1905 when the company was incorporated and Inc. was added to the name.[citation needed] In 1940 the company was purchased and the name was changed to Morse Diving Equipment Company Incorporated and later moved its operations to Rockland, MA and continued under that name until 1998 when it was purchased by Kenneth Downey, an employee, and did business under the name of Morse Diving Inc.[citation needed] Downey sold the company in 2014 to Watson "Robbie" Holland, and the name changed, yet again, to Morse International.[citation needed] Morse filed for bankruptcy and Diving Equipment and Supply Company (DESCO) acquired its assets in 2016.[1] DESCO reverted to the name A J Morse & Son and Morse products will be marketed under that name. DESCO's business plan is to bring back the quality and products associated with the earlier name. DESCO has on re-introduced the breast plate feed (air being fed into the breast plate rather than the bonnet)helmet design from the early 1900s as its first offering.[citation needed] They also make the standard commercial model with the air feed in the rear of the helmet. The A J Morse & Son US Navy Mark V helmet is also offered.[citation needed]

Morse Diving is the oldest manufacturer of diving equipment in the world and the 412th oldest officially recorded company ever, sharing its founding year (1837) with Tiffany and Co.[citation needed]

Morse Diving Equipment Company was one of the primary manufacturers of the famous United States Navy Mark V diving helmet; during World War II, other manufacturers of this helmet were Schrader, DESCO (Diving Equipment and Salvage Company), and Miller-Dunn. Morse also manufactured the next generation Mark 12 free flow diving helmet which was used by the US Navy for almost 20 years.[citation needed]

Morse Diving was based in Rockland, Massachusetts as a prime supplier and distributor of commercial diving equipment, scuba gear, and other diving-related items to commercial and government users.[citation needed]

DESCO also continues to use their original DESCO equipment to produce Mark V helmets under their name as well.[1]


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