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Pronunciation Arabic: [mur'tadˤaː]
Persian: [mor'tezɒː]
Gender Male
Language(s) Arabic
Meaning 'Attainer of the pleasure of God'[1]
Other names
Alternative spelling Murtada, Mortada, Mortaza, Marteza

Murtaza (also spelled Mortaza or Morteza) (Persian: مرتضى‎‎, Arabic: مرتضى‎‎) is a common Arabic name, is a variant transcription of Murtadha, meaning "chosen".[2] It is an Islamic name that dates back to the time of Islamic prophet Muhammad. Pronunciation varies with accent, from native Arabic speakers to speakers of European and Asian languages.

Due to their rhyming nature, Murtaza is often confused with Mustafa which means "The Chosen One", an epithet of Islamic prophet Muhammad.[3]

Given name[edit]


Ali Murtaza King of the kings

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