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Morteza Pashaei
Morteza Pashaei.jpg
Born(1984-08-11)11 August 1984
Died14 November 2014(2014-11-14) (aged 30)
Tehran, Iran
Resting placeBehesht-e Zahra Cemetery
  • Singer
  • musician
  • composer
Years active2009–2014
Height176 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Musical career

Morteza Pashaei (Persian: مرتضی پاشایی‎; 11 August 1984 – 14 November 2014) was an Iranian musician, composer, and pop singer.

Born and raised in Tehran, Pashaei studied graphic design and was interested in music since his childhood, when he began playing guitar. Less than two decades later, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2013 and hospitalized at Tehran's Bahman Hospital on 3 November 2014. Chemotherapy was administered for the aggressive cancer, but the attempt to slow the cancer failed. His health deteriorated. He died on 14 November 2014, aged 30.

Early life[edit]

Morteza Pashaei was born on 11 August 1984 in Aryashahr, Tehran. He was interested in music since his childhood and began playing the guitar at the age of fourteen. In addition to playing the guitar, he also played the piano. He studied graphic design in Islamic Azad University and graduated in 2009"[1]

Music career[edit]

Pashaei began his professional music career in 2009 by publishing his songs on the internet, notably YouTube. As an artist, he was known to be quite innovative. He is best known for his Yeki Hast track (2012).


Despite his sudden rise to stardom, Morteza was known to be very down to earth, and always showed love and appreciation towards his many fans.[2] His fans and many people affectionately call him by the nickname “Emperator,” which literally translates to Emperor and for many Iranian people around the world, he is known as the Emperor of pop music in Iran. [3]

Illness and death[edit]

In late September 2013, it was announced that Pashaei was diagnosed with stomach cancer. His relatives denied the news but his official website announced that his planned concerts had been cancelled due to Morteza's illness. He appeared with a hat in a TV show one month later and spoke about his illness. He underwent a major surgery before announcing the news.[4]

On 3 November 2014, Pashaei was transferred to Bahman Hospital and was hospitalized in ICU. His doctor mentioned that until his last moments, Morteza still had hope and he was looking forward to performing at his first Canadian concert in Toronto on 29 November 2014, which was to be the beginning of his Canadian, and eventually international tour. His friend and fellow singer, Farzad Farzin, agreed to do the concert in his place, and perform all of Morteza's songs in his honour. After his death, he got a letter of recognition from Canada's minister of citizenship and immigration. In the letter, Pashaei was acknowledged for his efforts to promote Iranian culture in Canada, and for his unique talents that have gained him the reputation as a legend of the Iranian community and around the world. Despite his own illness, he also cared for others as well: he accepted the ALS challenge and donated to the cause, while encouraging his fans and other fellow singers to pitch in to help as well.[5]

He died after a long battle with stomach cancer on 14 November 2014 at the age of 30.[6] His funeral was held on 16 November at Vahdat Hall and he was buried at Behesht-e Zahra in a private ceremony at night. Millions of his fans attended his funeral in an unusual procession and recited his songs while he was being buried. His death reunited the Iranian people as they grieved the death of the 30-year-old legend. His funeral gathered the largest crowd in Iran since the protests of the 2009 election. Still after several weeks have passed, thousands of family, friends, and fans visit his grave with flowers, candles, and pictures of Morteza. In addition, fans who live outside of Iran, show their love for their idol on social network media sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.[7][8]



Year Album Persian native Ref
2012 There is Someone یکی هست [9]
2010 Unique Flower گل بیتا [10]
2015 The name is love اسمش عشقه
2015 Unique Flower 2(Bird) (گُل بیتا ۲ (پرنده


Year Name Persian native Note
2008 Be Dadesh Residam به دادش رسيدم
2009 Shayad Beporsi شاید بپرسی
2009 Adam Kosh آدم کش
2011 Bezar Begam بذار بگم
2011 Mimiram می‌میرم
2011 Yeki Hast یکی هست
2011 Ziyadi زیادی
2011 ‌Be Gooshet Mirese به گوشت میرسه
2010 Gole Atlasi گل اطلسی
2011 Eshghe Man عشق من
2011 Cheshmaye Man چشمای من
2011 To Rast Migi تو راست میگی
2011 Gerye Kon گریه کن
2011 Adam Ahani آدم آهنی
2011 Baraye Nasser برای ناصر In memory of Nasser Hejazi
2011 Mikham Begam میخوام بگم
2012 Chand Rooz چند روز
2012 Setayesh ستایش
2012 Bia Bargard بیا برگرد
2012 Dorogh Dost Dashtani دروغ دوست داشتنی
2012 Chetoor Delet Omad چطور دلت اومد
2012 Ro To Bargardon روتو برگردون
2012 Hala Omadi حالا اومدی
2012 Dele Man, Dele To دل من؛ دل تو
2013 Nafas نفس
2013 Jadeye Yek Tarafeh جاده یک طرفه
2013 Mahe Man ماه من
2013 Gole Bita گل بیتا
2013 Mano Bebakhsh ادعای عشق
2013 Mesle Shisheh مثل شیشه
2013 Mahe Man ماه من
2013 Ghasam قسم
2013 Boghz بغض Presentation to Benyamin Bahadori
2014 Roze Barfi روز برفی With Mohammad Reza Golzar
2014 Asre Paeezi عصر پائیزی
2014 Rozhaye Sakht روزهای سخت
2014 Yadete یادته
2014 To Fekretam تو فکرتم
2014 Taghsir تقصیر
2014 Negaran Mani نگران منی
2014 To Rafti تو رفتی[11]
2014 Ghalbam Ro Tekrare قلبم رو تکراره
2014 Parvane پروانه
2014 Sareto Bar Nagardondi(‌Khahesh) (سرت رو برنگردوندی (خواهش
2014 Man O To من و تو ft. Omid Ameri
2015 Kojaei کجایی
2015 Ki Fekresho Mikard کی فکرشو میکرد
2015 Baroon بارون
2015 Yadam Bashi یادم باشی
2015 Gheyre Momken غیر ممکن
2016 Ye Rooz Khoob Mireseh يه روز خوب ميرسه
2016 cold Tuesday سه‌شنبه‌ی سرد
2017 Letter نامه
2018 Boghze Taraneh بغض ترانه
2018 Regret حسرت With Sina Sarlak
2018 Nafasami نفسمی
2019 Don't Cry گریه نکن
2019 Entezar انتظار
2019 ‌ Hamnafas همنفس
2019 Breathe نفس بکش
2020 Eshghe Janjali عشق جنجالی
2020 Mese Setareh مثه ستاره
2020 Forget About Me فراموشم کن
2020 Nagoo نگو
2020 Barat Minevisam برات می نویسم
2020 Gele Daram گله دارم released on Pashaei's birthday


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