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Kala Moru
RegionSouth Sudan
Native speakers
(70,000 cited 1982)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3mgd

Moru is a Central Sudanic language spoken in South Sudan by the Moru people. Dialects are Agi, Andri, ’Bali’ba, Kadiro, also known as Lakama’di, Miza and Moruwa’di.[3]

The Moru language has been maintained through the use of the language in the church, particularly the Episcopal Church of the Sudan (ECS). A number of editions of the Prayer Book (Buku Mätu Ro) and the hymn book (Buku Loŋgo ro) have been published over the years.

The Moru primer 'Kito Lusi ro Luka be' was first published in 1953 and has been reprinted many times since.[4] This is primarily a primer for use in schools. An adult literacy primer 'Buzevosite' was also produced in the 1970s and published by New Day Publishers in Juba.[5] This primer, in keeping with the strong Christian commitment of the Moru people, has a Christian theme.

The New Testament and Psalms, 'Taobaro To'di', was first published in 1951. The full Moru bible, 'Baibolo Alokado', with both the Old Testament and the New Testament was published by the Bible Society in Sudan in 1999.[6]


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