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Morwyn is a New Age and amateur sleuth author, a Wiccan priestess and a ceremonial magician. She holds a B.A. in Latin American Studies from the University of Colorado (magna cum laude), an M.A. in Spanish, and a Ph.D. in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies from the University of Wisconsin.[1] She has taught at major universities, including the University of Colorado (Professor and Lecturer of Portuguese and Spanish), University of Pittsburgh, and Brown University for 15 years. She has lived in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, England, Scotland, Wales, Portugal, Spain, and Italy, speaks five languages, and has studied esoteric traditions in those lands.

Her awards, societies and honors include a Phi Alpha Theta (History), a Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish), a Phi Beta Kappa, and being a former Fulbright, Gulbenkian and N.D.E.A. Title VI Fellow (having received a Fulbright Dissertation Research Fellowship to Brazil).[2] She is a member of Colorado Authors League, Mystery Writers of America, and has been President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Sisters in Crime.[3]

Under the name Carolina de Silva, she co-authored a series of 4 books in Spanish on Wicca and Magick within a fictional framework. La Esencia de la Aromaterapia and Fuego Angelical are the first two titles in this series. She has written thirteen books on the Occult and other New Age topics to date.[4] Two books (Complete Book of the Psychic Arts,[5] and Fuego Angelical) have received national writing awards. She also writes mystery novels under the name C. L. Dow. One series features a Latina aromatherapist sleuth, and another features a seventeenth-century Mexican nun sleuth. In addition, she has written three books about Brazilian folk religions.


As Carolina de Silva[edit]

  • Solo Prenda una Vela (Candle magic) by Carolina de Silva (September 1, 2001) Llewellyn Espanol ISBN 0-7387-0065-7, ISBN 978-0-7387-0065-6
  • Fuego Angelical: Magia, Leyendas y Tradiciones by Doña Carolina de Silva & Ralph Kite
  • Sacred Spaces: Transform Any Space into a Sanctuary for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Rejuvenation (2004) Adams Media ISBN 1-59337-019-9
  • Esencia De La Aromaterapia (Essence of Aromatherapy) Llewellyn Español ISBN 978-1-56718-238-5, ISBN 1-59337-019-9
  • Caminos A La Prosperidad (Roads to Prosperity) Llewellyn Español ISBN 0-7387-0066-5
  • Tesoros De La Cueva De Cristal (Treasures of the Crystal Cave) Dunraven House Publishing
  • Sacred SpacesAdams Media ISBN 1-59337-019-9


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