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The name Moscow Ballet has commonly been applied to a number of different ballet companies, these include:

  • Moscow Ballet (United States), A Russian ballet company. The Moscow Ballet tours annually in the United States with its Great Russian Nutcracker production.
  • The Bolshoi Ballet, based in Moscow in Russia has often been referred to generically as "The Moscow Ballet"
  • A Russian company known as Ballet Moskva ("Ballet Moscow").
  • A "Moscow Ballet", founded in 1979, gained publicity in 1987 when a dancer, Andrei Ustinov, defected during the company’s first U.S. tour. Its artistic director is Vyacheslav Gordeyev, previously of the Bolshoi Ballet. Its 1987 tour was seen by an estimated 150,000 people.[1][2][3]
  • Other dance companies incorporating the word Ballet and either Moscow or Russia(n) include:
    • Moscow Stanislavski Ballet, founded in 1929
    • Ballet of Russia, founded in 1899
    • Ballet Stars of Moscow Theaters with Anna Pavlova, 1888–1931
    • Moscow Ballet Theater founded in 1966
    • Moscow City Ballet, founded in 1988,
    • Moscow Classical Ballet, founded in 1966.[4]
    • Moscow Dramatic Ballet, founded prior to 1992
    • Moscow Festival Ballet, founded in 1989,
    • Moscow Grand Ballet
    • National Russian Ballet
    • Moscow Folk Ballet
    • Russian Festival Ballet, founded in 1989
    • Russian National Ballet founded in 1956
    • The Imperial Russian Ballet Company


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