Moscow Death Brigade

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Moscow Death Brigade
Moscow Death Brigade With Full Force 2018 10.jpg
Moscow Death Brigade at With Full Force 2018
Background information
OriginMoscow, Russia
GenresHardcore hip-hop, hardcore punk
Years active2007–present
LabelsFire and Flames Music
Associated actsFeine Sahne Fischfilet, Los Fastidios, What We Feel
MembersVlad Boltcutter
Ski Mask G
unknown DJ

Moscow Death Brigade (short MDB, Russian: Московская Бригада Смерти (МДБ)) is a band from Moscow, Russia that plays a mix of hip-hop, punk rock and electronic music. The band's music and masked appearance emphasize its stance against racism, sexism, homophobia.[1] The band does not consider itself a political band and claims that their views are just "human".[2]


The band was founded in 2007. The members come from the hardcore punk scene and have worked with among others, the streetpunk band Razor Bois and the crossover band Siberian Meat Grinder. Common to all members is a fondness for the hip-hop of the 1980s / 1990s like the Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, or the Transplants and an anti-fascist attitude. After renaming they changed to their current style to connect aggressive rap with guitar-heavy hardcore beats, followed a year later by releasing a second self-titled demo tape with three songs.

After extensive tours through Eastern and Central Europe, including among others with Feine Sahne Fischfilet, followed by another EP with the fellow Russian and anti-fascist hardcore band What We Feel called Here to Stay, as well as a vinyl release with Audiolith Records with the bands Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Los Fastidios and What We Feel. The latter was a benefit single whose proceeds benefited the families of murdered Russian antifascists.[3]

On February 15, 2015, an article on Indymedia in the run-up to a performance in Berlin claimed that the anti-fascist attitudes of the band were only lip service for marketing. And instead stated that the band was sexist, homophobic, chauvinistic, and advocated for strong Russian nationalism. Four days later the band published a statement strongly rejecting the allegations. They expressed themselves, together with the band What We Feel that was also named in the article, that they are "anti-fascists against nationalists and racists of all stripes".[4]

In May 2017, the band released the single "Brother & Sisterhood" and announced both a new album and the continuation of their European tour in the fall.[5]


The group appears masked with balaclavas. The identities of the two rappers and the DJ are still kept secret.[6] The band itself refers to their music as "Circle Pit hip-hop" or "hardcore hip-hop". In their music videos, the group often shows themselves spraying graffiti on trains or houses. The Russian and English lyrics deal with anti-fascism and are socio-critical. Topics include "police brutality, violence, mass media propaganda, social prejudice and conscription".[6] The band sees itself as a collective to artist friends, including sprayer, concert organizers and political activists.[4][6]


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