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The Moscow Internet Exchange (MSK-IX) is an Internet Exchange Point in Moscow, Russia. MSK-IX was originally established in 1995 with a single location inside of the Moscow International Telephone Exchange (Russian: Московская международная телефонная станция, ММТС-9), but it now has eight geographically diverse locations in Moscow interconnected via Gigabit and 10 Gigabit links.[1]

As of March 2012, the weekday throughput passes the 300 Gbit/s mark at 10:00 and stays beyond 400 Gbit/s during the timeline from 12:00 until 18:00, gradually increasing to 700 Gbit/s during the evening hours from 18:00 until midnight, whereas during the middle of the night towards the very early morning it could be as low as 100 Gbit/s. During the weekends and public holidays the daytime and evening throughput usually stays the same as weekdays.

MSK-IX has more than 350 members as of March 2012, and membership is open to any company regardless of its geographical location.

State-run telecommunications company Rostelecom have acquired the majority of MSK-IX stock in 2015.[2]

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