Moscow Kremlin Museums

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Coordinates: 55°44′07″N 37°37′03″E / 55.73528°N 37.61750°E / 55.73528; 37.61750

Moscow Kremlin Museums
Музеи Московского Кремля
LocationKremlin, Moscow, Russia
DirectorYelena Gagarina
WebsiteOfficial website
Memory of Azov (Fabergé egg with a model of ship in the Kremlin Armoury)

Moscow Kremlin Museums (Russian Музеи Московского Кремля, MMK or Государственный историко-культурный музей-заповедник «Московский Кремль») is a major state-run museum in Moscow Kremlin. Its roots lie in the Kremlin Armoury museum founded in 1806, the current form of the museum started in 1991. The Head of the museum (since 2001) is Yelena Yurievna Gagarina, daughter of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. There were 2,746,405 visitors in the Kremlin Museums in 2017.

Moscow Kremlin Museums have the following parts:

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