Moscow Machine Building Plant "Avangard"

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Moscow Machine Building Plant Avangard

MMZ Avangard (Russian: Московский машиностроительный завод "Авангард") is a Moscow-based manufacturer and the sole supplier of missiles for the S-400 system. It is part of the Almaz-Antey group.[1]

Avangard was established in 1942,[2] and it has produced airframes for strategic surface-to-air missiles since the 1950s and is the lead production facility for the Fakel Design Bureau in Moscow.[3] In its latest available annual report for 2012, the company stated that it was finishing work on starting serial production of the 40N6 missile.[1] No information on its performance or commissioning has been released since.[1]

In October 2012, the former director of the plant was arrested on charges of embezzlement, after being accused of signing consultancy contracts with shell companies.[4]


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