Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation

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Creating Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation
Эмблема МГТУ ГА
Russian Federation

Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (MSTUCA) is a leading institution of higher education in Russia which trains Civil Aviation specialists, a center of science and culture where training of specialists and fundamental scientific research in the field of science, technology, humanities and economics are considered. Located in Moscow, founded in 1971.


To create opportunities for implementation of citizens right to education.

The University sees its mission in preserving the achievements of the engineering thought of the humanity, the receipt and dissemination of advanced knowledge and information, anticipatory preparation of the intellectual elite of the society on the basis of integration of the educational process, fundamental scientific research and innovation.

General Information[edit]

The MSTUCA graduates get job not only in Civil Aviation and transport field but also in other industries. The University has links with many foreign educational institutions and trains foreign students from over 30 countries.

The University departments are headed by experienced scientists-academicians. There are professors, academicians of different public and scientific Academies in Russia and abroad, renowned figures of science and technology among them. The training and research laboratories are equipped with modern computers, instruments and devices, stands, simulators, working models of aviation equipment, technical training and knowledge test aids. This makes it possible to conduct classes and carry out scientific work at a modern level of science and technology.

The University library contains text-books on specialties of all the departments; there are publications on crucial problems of science, technology and social sciences. It is one of the best aviation-oriented libraries in Russia.

The MSTUCA has a dormitory located in a park, not far from the University and the underground station. The students live in rooms for 2 or 3 persons. There are good conditions for studies in the dormitory.

The University's facilities provide good conditions for amateur activities, student's festivals, concerts of masters of art and popular musical groups. The University has a sports complex and many athletes clubs.

Foreign students are trained together with Russian students. Training is conducted in Russian language.

MSTU CA's awards[edit]

  • MSTU CA's rector Boris Eliseev was honoured with the state award of the Kingdom of Cambodia (20.12.2010)
  • MSTU CA's rector Boris Eliseev also was honoured with the state awards of the Republic of Mongolia (14.06.2011)
  • MSTU CA was awarded the diplom of XI all-Russian exhibition of scientific and technical creativity of youth (07.07.2011)
  • MSTU CA received a Gold medal for achievements in science and technology fair in Plovdiv in Bulgary (30.09.2011)
  • The work of Boris Eliseev as a rector of MSTU CA awarded the Order of Honour (05.02.2013)

Academic ethics violations[edit]

The rector of MSTU CA was accused of academic dishonesty [1] and stripped of Doctor Nauk degree[2] on 25 January 2019. Nevertheless, he continues to head the institution.

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