Moseley Square, Glenelg

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The Glenelg Town Hall on Moseley Square.

Moseley Square is a public square in the City of Holdfast Bay at Glenelg. It was named after an early councillor who promoted the building of a railway line to Glenelg. Located between Jetty Road and Glenelg Beach, the Square is located to important places such as the Town Hall, Glenelg Jetty, and the Stamford Grand Hotel. It is the terminus of the Glenelg Tram ( the only tram line in Adelaide ) from Adelaide. It is a site of major events including the Glenelg Jazz Festival and the City to Bay Fun Run.

The Square has undergone some refurbishment during the 2000s.

Coordinates: 34°58′49″S 138°30′42″E / 34.9803°S 138.5118°E / -34.9803; 138.5118