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Moses Austin Bryan (September 25, 1817 – March 16, 1895) was an early settler of Texas. Moses served as Secretary for his uncle, Stephen F. Austin.[1]


His mother was Emily Austin Perry and his father was James Bryan.[2] Born in Missouri, Moses moved to Texas several months before his mothers.[3] Moses was named for Moses Austin, his grandfather, who had initially obtained permission from Mexico to serve as an empresario to settle Texas. His grandmother is Mary Brown Austin.

His brothers include William Joel Bryan and Guy Morrison Bryan. Stephen Samuel Perry is his half brother.


Moses did live at Peach Point Plantation.[4]

Service to Texas[edit]

Moses fought in the Battle of San Jacinto[5] Moses traveled with Stephen F. Austin to Mexico where Moses learned and communicated in Spanish.[6] Moses also records an account of the battle and reflects Sam Houston into history.[7] By nature of his communication abilities, Moses was part of the diplomacy between Austin and Mexico.[8]

Historic marker[edit]

There is an historic marker for Moses Austin Bryan[9] located in Washington County, Texas at the Independence Cemetery.[10]

Civil War service[edit]

Moses served at the rank of Major in the Confederate Army.[11]

Additional References[edit]

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Bryan died in 1895 and is buried in the Old Independence Cemetery[12]