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Shorashim (Hebrew: שָׁרָשִׁים, שורשים, lit. Roots) is a communal settlement in the Lower Galilee, in the Northern District of Israel. The village is administered by the Misgav Regional Council and affiliated with the Conservative movement.


Shorashim was founded as a moshav in 1980 by a group of North American olim. Over the years, it was privatized, but the community remains tightly knit and committed to a traditional but pluralistic way of life. All community activity is voluntary. There is no community rabbi and all roles in the synagogue are rotated among members. About half of the residents are native Israeli and the rest new immigrants from various countries, predominantly English speakers. [1]


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Coordinates: 32°53′32.44″N 35°15′26.68″E / 32.8923444°N 35.2574111°E / 32.8923444; 35.2574111