Moshe Chelouche

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Moshe Chelouche

Moshe "Musa" Chelouche (Hebrew: משה שלוש‎, Moshe Shlush, April 7, 1892 – February 26, 1968) was a Jewish politician and businessman in Mandatory Palestine and Israel who served in 1936 for 10 days as the Mayor of Tel Aviv.[1] In November 1936 General Arthur Wauchope, the High Commissioner of Palestine, invalidated the election of Chelouche, without giving reasons, and appointed Israel Rokeach[2] in his stead.


Chelouche was born in Jaffa in the Ottoman Empire. He graduated from the local Frères school. His father was Yosef Eliyahu Chelouche, a businessman, his father's father a rabbi, and this mother's father had been the representative of Hovevei Zion. Both his parents were of Moroccan descent.

Among Moshe Chelouche's many public functions was that of honorary consul of Bulgaria.


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