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Moshe Aryeh Friedman (born 1972, Brooklyn) is a haredi rabbi.[1]

In 2006, Friedman participated in the International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust, stating, "I am not a denier of the Holocaust, but I think it is legitimate to cast doubt on some statistics."[2] He said that the figure of 6 million deaths during The Holocaust was from a prophecy made before World War II and that the actual figure was closer to one million.[3]

His children were expelled from the Talmud Torah school in Austria where the family lived.[4] He said it was because of his participation in the Holocaust conference; the school said its fees were not paid.[1] After being banned from the Jewish community in Austria in 2007,[5][6] he moved to New York City.[7][8][9]

His family moved to Antwerp in 2011. Because no schools would admit his children, he sue and in 2012 the court ordered a Jewish school for girls to admit his two sons or face heavy fines.[8][9][10] In February 2013, the Court of Appeals reversed the trial court.[11] Although Friedman styles himself rabbi, the Central Israelite Consistory of Belgium stated in 2014 that he has no right to bear the title rabbi in Belgium.[12]

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