Mosholu, Bronx

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Map of the Bronx showing Mosholu
Map of the Bronx showing Mosholu
Map of the Bronx showing Mosholu

Mosholu is the nickname of a small portion of the neighborhood of North Riverdale, The Bronx in New York City. It includes Mosholu Avenue and Broadway.[1]


Mosholu lies east of Fieldston Road and north of Mosholu Avenue. The north–south streets in Mosholu are Spencer Avenue, Huxley Avenue, Post Road, and Broadway including Mosholu Avenue, which is adjacent to the other four streets. It is the northernmost part of Riverdale. It borders the Ludlow neighborhood and Park Hill neighborhood of South West Yonkers as well as South Broadway, which is an extended portion of Broadway, in Yonkers. The southern border of Yonkers bordering Mosholu is Caryl Avenue, the northern border of Mosholu is West 262nd Street, and the southern border is Mosholu Avenue. In total Mosholu spans from Mosholu Avenue to West 262nd Street.[citation needed]


Mosholu is frequently, but incorrectly, claimed to be a local Native American word, the native name for Tibbetts Brook. It is, in fact, a contraction of the name of the Choctaw chief Mushulatubbee. The Choctaw were not local to New York, but Mushulatubbee was well known for his assistance to the US during the War of 1812. A variant form of the contracted name was given to two ships; the USS Mashula (launched as USS Severn in 1867) and the SS Moshulu. The latter ship was apparently named with the understanding that it was a Seneca word meaning fearless.[1]


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