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Moshpit Tragedy
FounderRayny Forster
GenrePunk, metal, crust, sludge
Country of originCanada

Moshpit Tragedy Records was a Canadian independent record label founded in Windsor, Ontario in 2006. The label specializes releases punk, metal and some of their subgenres (crust, sludge, etc.). In 2007, they became the first record label to abandon physical releases in favor of a fully "sliding-scale" or "pay what you want" download model. The label has not been active since early 2013.


Moshpit Tragedy began in the mid nineties booking local punk concerts in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The name came about after one of these shows when founder Rayny Forster was brought to the emergency room and a doctor dubbed him a "moshpit tragedy." It wasn't until early 2006 that the first releases on the label were issued.[1]

Pay-what-you-want downloading[edit]

In 2007, the label abandoned releasing CDs in favor of a new sliding scale download format in which fans could pay as much or as little as they want to - even free - for a high quality MP3 album with print-ready sleeve artwork.


Partner labels[edit]

Moshpit Tragedy has partnered with various other labels to make their releases available in pay-what-you-want format, including Relapse Records, Feral Ward Records, Inimical Records, Give Praise Records, Anti-Corp Records, and Replenish Records. However, as of spring 2013 the label decided that with the widespread use of Bandcamp, it was no longer necessary to host titles for other labels.


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