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Moskau Messe Exhibition Company (Moscow Fair)
1 ECC Socolniki pavilion4 exhibition.jpg
Activity Exhibition business
Foundation 1989
Location Moscow, Russia
Director General Alexey



Moskau Messe Exhibition Company is one of those organizing exhibitions, conferences and fairs in Moscow, Russian and abroad. In 2011 Moskau Messe Exhibition Company became a full member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.


Moskau Messe Company (Moscow Fair) was founded in 1989 as a Soviet-German joint venture. The company’s exhibitions were hosted in Sokolniki Cultural and Exhibition Center (the current Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre) which before had been in twilight. Moskau Messe returned exhibition activities into Sokolniki which in the 60’s was the county’s exhibition epicenter.[1]

In 1990-s, Moskau Messe has launched a series ofprojects that remain viable to this day: Polygraphinter was the first large-scale event to be held in Sokolniki in 1992. Then some other projects were launched: 1993 – EuroExpoMebel, International Construction Week, Woodex (woodworking industries); 1996 – Rosupak; 1997 – the Russian Education Forum and some others.[2]

In 2002 Moskau Messe’s team founded MVK International Exhibition Company [3] which in 2010 entered the British company ITE. In 2003 foreign offices were opened in Germany and Canada. In 2004 – in Israel. In 2007 and 2008 – foreign offices also opened in Turkey and China.

In 2006-2010 along with Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre Moskau Messe Exhibition Company launched a number of social-educational projects including Still higher, and higher, and higher (the first exhibition in stratosphere),[4] The first exhibition at the Eiffel Tower: TWO PARISes (in France and Russia),[5] Some projects at the North Pole,[6] Our Victory project,[7] From Earth to the Universe and some others.

Moskau Messe today[edit]

In 2011 Moskau Messe Exhibition Company became a full member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.[8]

At present, Moskau Messe manages the following socially beneficial projects: the International Exhibition of Calligraphy; the Russian Education Forum; WANExpo, the Festival of Prospective Mothers and the Newborn; EXTREMEX, the International Exhibition and Show of Extreme Sports,Tourism and Leisure, etc.

The main venue for the company’s exhibitions is Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre.



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