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Mosleh Zamani (also referred to as Moslah Zamani) was a 23-year-old Iranian Kurd who was executed on December 17, 2009[1] for having an "illicit relationship with his girlfriend" when he was 17 years old.[2]

According to Amnesty International, Zamani was convicted for abducting a woman several years older than he was (with whom he had previously a consensual relationship) and of raping her. Amnesty International also stated that Zamani might not have had legal representation in court.[3]

Zamani's case was considered controversial because of nature of his crime and the fact he was a minor at the time it took place. The Iranian government consequently signed the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child; which led to the abolition of death sentence to minors in Iran.[4]

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