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Prof Moslem Bahadori

Moslem Bahadori (Persian: مسلم بهادری‎‎) (born 1927 in Tonekabon, Iran) is a contemporary Iranian medical scientist, distinguished[1] pathologist and a university lecturer.[2] In 1973, Bahadori along with Averill Abraham Liebow,[3] reported the first case of plasma cell granuloma, a benign tumor of the lung.

Education and career[edit]

He studied medicine at medical school, Tehran University (1954), and specialized in pathology at the Department of Pathology, Tehran University (1957). He did his post-graduate studies at Cardiff University (1959).

Bahadori is an expert on Cardiopulmonary pathology. Bahadori was one of the youngest faculty members of Tehran University who has been promoted to full professorship. He was also an invited lecturer and Fulbright Visiting Professor at University of California San Diego.[4]

He is also a member of Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences and Chairman, Section on Basic Medical Sciences. Prof Bahadori was a member of editorial boards of several scientific journals including American Journal of Cardiovascular Pathology and Archives of Iranian Medicine.[5]

Bahadori devoted his life to the development of basic and clinical medical sciences in Iran and also to the development of scientific Persian language. His role in the development of modern medicine in Iran and medical education was significant.[6]

He is a representative of Iran in World Health Organization (WHO).[7] Bahadori is now Emeritus Professor of School of Medicine, Tehran University.


  • Iran's Eternal Figure
  • Permanent member of Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences


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