Mosque (band)

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Origin England
Genres Neo-progressive rock
Art rock
Alternative rock
Years active 1987–1993
Past members Shaun Keaveny
Paul Banks
Leon Parr
John Ariss
Steven Burke
Damian Higgins
Martin Ormrod
Stephen Gregson
Eddie Arrowsmith

Mosque were an English rock band that formed in 1987. Whilst sticking to no one style, their music was largely influenced by new prog and alternative rock. Mosque consisted of Shaun Keaveny (vocals/guitar), Paul Banks (vocals/bass), John Ariss (vocals) and Leon Parr (percussion).

Keaveny has since gone on to be breakfast radio presenter for BBC 6 Music. Leon Parr is still a session percussionist, who has performed with Mr. So & So, Marillion and members of The Verve.

Mosque reformed for one night only for "An Audience With Shaun Keaveny" at Leigh Library on Saturday 12 February 2011.



  • Lost Things (1989)
  1. "MASH" (Banks/Ariss)
  2. "Yellow Pages" (Keaveny/Ariss)
  3. "Lost Things" (Keaveny/Ariss)
  4. "Red Bricks are Blue" (Banks/Ariss)

Studio albums[edit]

  • More Better (1992)
  1. "More Better" (Ariss/Keaveny)
  2. "Even Though It's Only You You Hear" (Ariss/Keaveny)
  3. "Black Oranges" (Ariss/Keaveny)
  4. "Short Curtains" (Ariss/Keaveny)
  5. "Compass" (Banks/Keaveny/Ariss)
  6. "Lost Things" (Keaveny/Ariss)
  7. "Down Wind" (Banks/Keaveny/Ariss)