Mosque of the Companions, Massawa

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Mosque of the Companions
Masjid aṣ-Ṣaḥābah
مَسْجِد ٱلصَّحَابَة
RegionHorn of Africa, North-East Africa
LocationMassawa, Eritrea
Geographic coordinates15°36′43″N 39°28′50″E / 15.61194°N 39.48056°E / 15.61194; 39.48056

The Mosque of the Companions (Arabic: مَسْجِد ٱلصَّحَابَة‎, romanizedMasjid aṣ-Ṣaḥābah) is a mosque in the city of Massawa, Eritrea. Dating to the early 7th century CE, it is believed to be the first mosque on the African continent.[2] It was reportedly built by companions of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad who came here to flee persecution by people in the Hejazi[3] city of Mecca, present-day Saudi Arabia.[1] The current structure is of much later construction as some features like mehrab (late seventh century) and minaret (until 9th century) did not develop until very late in Islamic architecture.[4]

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