Mosquitos (band)

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Origin New York City
Genres Indie pop, Bossa nova
Years active 2003-present
Labels Bar/None Records
Members Chris Root
Jon Marshall Smith
JuJu Stulbach

Mosquitos is a New York City-based musical band consisting of guitarist Chris Root, keyboardist Jon Marshall Smith, and Brazilian singer JuJu Stulbach. The sound of Mosquitos has been described as a mix of bossa nova and indie pop.


Root and Stulbach met in New York City, and later recorded their first tracks together in Brazil. Root had to leave Brazil without a finished mix, but soon after met Smith back in New York City. Eventually the three teamed up and formed Mosquitos. Much of the band's lyrics are autobiographical, referring to the relationship between Root and Stulbach.


  • 2003 - Mosquitos (Bar/None Records)
  • 2004 - Sunshine Barato (Bar/None Records)
  • 2006 - III (Bar/None Records)

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