Coordinates: 56°02′15″N 9°46′30″E / 56.03750°N 9.77500°E / 56.03750; 9.77500
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Mossø as seen from the north-east.
Mossø is located in Denmark
LocationSkanderborg Municipality, Horsens Municipality
Coordinates56°02′15″N 9°46′30″E / 56.03750°N 9.77500°E / 56.03750; 9.77500
Typekettle hole
Primary inflowsGudenå, Tåning Å, Illerup Å
Primary outflowsGudenå
Surface area16.5 km2 (6.4 sq mi)
Average depth9 m (30 ft)
Max. depth22 m (72 ft)
Water volume151×10^6 m3 (122,000 acre⋅ft)
Surface elevation22.5 m (74 ft)

Mossø is Denmark's third largest freshwater lake and Jutland's largest, as measured by surface area.[1] The lake is located just west of the city of Skanderborg in east Jutland, but is part of both Skanderborg Municipality and Horsens Municipality. Mossø lies in the middle of the area and landscape known as Søhøjlandet (English: The Lake-highland).

There is a small lake named Mossø in the forest of Rold Skov in Himmerland.


Both ospreys and white-tailed eagle is regularly observed at Mossø and the later have recently established here as a breeding bird, which is rare in Denmark.[2]

Mossø is part of the 4,470 ha Natura 2000 protection area, designated as number 52.[3] The lake is also designated as an international bird protection area, with number F35.[2]


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