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Mossy Oak
Industry Retail
Founded 1986
Founder Toxey Haas
Headquarters West Point, MS, United States
Key people
Toxey Haas
Bill Sugg
(President and CFO)
Parent Haas Outdoors, Inc.

Mossy Oak is a West Point, Mississippi-based branded camouflage and outdoor lifestyle company founded by Toxey Haas in 1986. Mossy Oak is owned and operated under its parent company Haas Outdoors, Inc.


Early years[edit]

The company is said to have started “with a fistful of dirt.” Haas, an avid outdoorsman from early in life, gained inspiration from the natural twigs, leaves, and dirt in the woods. He named it Mossy Oak, gathered up a handful and decided to find someone who could print a fabric resembling this. After being constantly turned down, Crystal Springs Print Works in Georgia decided to listen to him. However, they had a 10,000 yard fabric minimum, while Haas only had enough money for 800 yards. The company made an exception for Haas, and the first pattern was printed.[1]

In 1986, Toxey Haas established Haas Outdoors, Inc. Bill Sugg joined Haas as the company’s first true employee. Together they began marketing the product and hired Bob Dixon, Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland, Carsie Young, and Cindy Cliett.

Mossy Oak added its second pattern, Green Leaf, in 1987, followed by Treestand, Full Foliage, and Fall Foliage in the coming years. Mossy Oak now had an array of patterns to market to hunters in several seasons and environments.[2]



In 1995, Mossy Oak introduced a new technology in pattern development. Adding shadows to increase the depth of the camouflage, Mossy Oak produced its breakthrough pattern Break-Up. Break-Up became a best-seller and sent the company to the top of the outdoor world. Continuing with the shadow effect, Mossy Oak produced Shadow Grass, Shadow Branch, Shadow Leaf, and Forest Floor over the next five years.

Continued advances[edit]

As digital imagery and printing technology increased, Mossy Oak’s patterns became more realistic. Using these techniques Mossy Oak introduced a new version of their most popular pattern calling it New Break-Up. Over the next decade, Mossy Oak continued to improve their techniques and introduce new patterns. After New Shadow Grass, Obsession, the newest spring pattern, was released. In 2005 came the company’s first Western big game pattern with Brush. Brush became popular with hunters in Western terrain who previously had trouble finding a specific pattern to disguise them. Mossy Oak continued its pursuit-specific patterns with Duck Blind in 2007 and a newer version of Treestand in 2008.

Mossy Oak released Break-Up Infinity in 2010. Used mainly for deer hunting, this pattern achieved more depth, detail, and definition than any pattern before it.

Mossy Oak's newest pattern, is Shadow Grass Blades. This pattern is an updated and advanced version of the duck hunting staple Shadow Grass. Blades focuses on the confused state of grass in the natural waterfowl. Blades is expected to hit stores in Fall 2013.[3]

Apparel acquisition[edit]

In 2000, the apparel operations for Haas Outdoors, Inc. were acquired by the Russell Brands for an undisclosed amount. This became known as the Mossy Oak Apparel Company.[4]


The popularity of Mossy Oak has allowed Haas Outdoors to expand the business into other facets of the outdoor world. This outdoor empire varies from video productions to real estate.

Mossy Oak Productions[edit]

Mossy Oak Productions produces and manages several television shows that air on the Outdoor Channel and the Pursuit Channel. Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland is the Director for the productions department and is a key reason that Mossy Oak has been a pioneer in the outdoor television industry.[5]

Mossy Oak Properties[edit]

Toxey Haas and his longtime friend Chris Hawley cofounded Mossy Oak’s real estate company Mossy Oak Properties in 1999. Hawley, who lives in Livingston, Alabama, serves as the company’s CEO and President. Initially in Mississippi and Alabama, Mossy Oak Properties currently has 82 offices and over 300 agents in 25 states and continues to add new states every year.[6]


Haas, along with wildlife biologist Dr. Grant Woods, cofounded BioLogic in 1999. Dr. Woods spent years researching the feeding habits of wildlife, including visits with research scientists and deer farmers in New Zealand studying their production methods.[7]

Nativ Nurseries[edit]

Founded in 2007, Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries is headquartered in West Point and grows and sells trees for landowners.[8]


Established in 2011, the Mossy Oak GameKeepers offer a membership club, a quarterly magazine, and a television show dedicated to outdoor stewardship.

Mossy Oak Golf Club[edit]

Opening in September 2016, Mossy Oak Golf Club is a collaboration between golf architect Gil Hanse, Mossy Oak, and the George Bryan family, founders of Old Waverly Golf Club. Mossy Oak will be known as Nature's Golf, "a mindful approach to course development that leaves a gentle footprint on the local habitat while delivering a world-class golf experience."

MOOSE Media[edit]

MOOSE (Mossy Oak Outdoor Sports and Entertainment) joins outdoor television production to viewing audiences through the Pursuit Channel.[9]

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