Most Happy Fellows

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Most Happy Fellows
Website AIC Site
Members Bob Hodge – tenor
Larry Hassler – lead
Jack Lyon – baritone
Ken Hawkinson – bass

Most Happy Fellows is the Barbershop quartet that won the 1977 SPEBSQSA international competition in Philadelphia.

Lead, Larry Hassler went on to marry the daughter of Baritone Jack Lyon. Tom Wilkie joined the quartet at Bass upon the passing of Ken Hawkinson. (1996 - 2007) Since the 1990s Matthew Rice became the lion in the Wizard of Oz Package, taking over the bass section.


  • Most Happy Fellows, AIC Masterworks CD
  • Most Happy Fellows & Chicago News, cassette
  • At Ease, LP/cassette
  • Thanks For The Memories, LP/cassette
  • We're Off To See The Wizard, LP/cassette

They also appear on Showtime at Seaside (1995; cassette) by QCED (Quartet Champions of the Evergreen District).

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