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Motława River
Calle Dlugie Pobrzeze, Gdansk, Polonia, 2013-05-20, DD 06.jpg
Physical characteristics
 • locationSzpęgawskie Południowe Lake
 • location
Martwa Wisła
 • coordinates
54°21′36″N 18°39′51″E / 54.36000°N 18.66417°E / 54.36000; 18.66417Coordinates: 54°21′36″N 18°39′51″E / 54.36000°N 18.66417°E / 54.36000; 18.66417
Length68 km (42 mi)
Basin features
ProgressionMartwa WisłaBaltic Sea

Motława (German: Mottlau; Kashubian: Mòtława) is a river in Eastern Pomerania in Poland.[1] The source is in Szpęgawskie Lake, northeast from the town of Starogard Gdański. It goes through Rokickie Lake to Martwa Wisła, a branch of the Vistula.[2] The total length of the river is estimated at 68 km, with an area of 1511.3 km².[3]

The city of Gdańsk is situated at its mouth in the Martwa Wisła. In Gdańsk, the Motława ferry crosses the river, a service that has run since the year 1687.[4]

The Polish name Motława is derived from the Old Prussian language. In German the river is known as Mottlau.

A common theory for the etymology of the cities Gdańsk and Gdynia is that they are named after an older Polish and Kashubian name for the river, Gdania.


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