Motaher Hussain Chowdhury

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Motaher Hossain Chowdhury
Born 1903
Noakhali District, Bengal Presidency, British India
Died 1956 (aged 52–53)
Occupation Writer

Motaher Hussain Chowdhury (1903 – 1956), a Bengalii writer, was born in Noakhali.

Writing career[edit]

Chowdhury was a full-time writer and literature lover. His literary works were included in the curriculum of school level, secondary, higher secondary and graduation level Bengali Literature in Bangladesh.

Special work[edit]

  • Songskriti Kotha


  • Golpo Songroho (Collected Stories), the national textbook of B.A. (pass and subsidiary) course of Bangladesh, published by University of Dhaka in 1979 (reprint in 1986).
  • Bangla Sahitya (Bengali Literature), the national textbook of intermediate (college) level of Bangladesh published in 1996 by all educational boards.