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Default motd showing on OpenBSD 5.3

Many computer systems display a message of the day or welcome message when a user first connects to them, logs in to them, or starts them. It is a way of sending a common message to all users, and may include information about system changes, system availability, and so on. More recently, systems have displayed personalized messages of the day.

On many time-sharing systems, the contents of the message of the day are fetched from a system file:


The contents of the special file are displayed after the user logs in successfully, typically before the login shell is started.[6]

Newer Unix-like systems may generate the message dynamically when the host boots or a user logs in.[7]

Various server-based PC games display messages of the day, including Half-Life, Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Battlefield. They may be personalized, encouraging users to try new features or make in-game purchases.[8]

Some IRC servers also display a message of the day on login.[9]

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