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MotesBooks is a publishing company based in Louisville, Kentucky, founded in 2006 by Kate Larken. MotesBooks publishes works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, anthologies, audio books, and books for young readers, including the Kentucky Hero Series. In addition, MotesBooks produces literary community-building events that include workshops for writers and songwriters, annual literary suppers, and mentoring emerging writers.

Divisions of MotesBooks and Publications[edit]

MotesBooks Inc[edit]

Short Stories
  • Very Best of Kentucky Crosswords (2009) by Vicki A. Benge
  • Stories Told In Stone: Cemetery Iconology-A Manual for Genealogy Research (2009) by Gaylord Cooper
  • The Hurting Part: Evolution of an American Play (2008) by Silas House
Essay Collections
MOTIF Series
  • Vol. 2 - Come What May: an Anthology of Writings about Chance (2010) Edited by Marianne Worthington
  • Vol. 1 - Writing By Ear: an Anthology of Writings about Music (2009) Edited by Marianne Worthington

MotesBooks Audio[edit]

  • Two Stories (2008) by Silas House Read by the author
  • Hey Diddle Diddle (2008) by Marie Davis Read by the author
  • Can A Democrat Get Into Heaven? (2007) by Anne Shelby 12 Selections read by the author

MotesBooks Think Young Collection[edit]

Kentucky Hero Series

Community Building[edit]

Literary Events
  • The Gathering of Writers and Songwriters
  • Annual Literary Supper

Notable Contributors[edit]


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