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For the song by George Michael, see Mother's Pride (song).

Mother's Pride is a brand name for a variety of breads produced by British Bakeries, a division of Premier Foods. The company also bakes Nimble (reduced calorie) and Hovis branded loaves as well as supermarket 'own brand' ranges.

British Bakeries was set up by Rank, Hovis, McDougall in 1955 to counter the then dominance of Allied Bakeries (Sunblest) and ensure an outlet for their flour products. Mother's Pride, which had been sold in the North since at least 1936 (an advert appears for Mother's Pride bread produced by W J Brookes & Sons, Bakers, Old Trafford, Manchester 16 in the 1935 "A Hundred Years of Road Passenger Transport in Manchester", published by Manchester Corporation Transport in that year [1]), was marketed as a national brand by the new division in 1956. For a time in the 70s and 80s, it was the best selling white bread in the UK.

The 1960s advertising jingle was: "Mother's Pride's a family, A family of bread". One well-known advertisement featured singer Dusty Springfield singing a jingle called "Knocker-Upper" (which, in the UK, refers to someone who wakes up other people). This is featured on the "Dusty: Full Circle" documentary from 1994.

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