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"Mother One" redirects here. For the Japanese video game "Mother 1" or "MOTHER", see Mother (video game).
Artwork by Whilce Portacio
Publication information
Publisher Wildstorm Productions (imprint of DC Comics)
First appearance Wetworks (Vol.1) #1
Created by Whilce Portacio
In-story information
Alter ego Rachel L. Rhodes
Team affiliations Wetworks
International Operations
Notable aliases rachel
Abilities Known to be a cyborg, symbiote that flows out of her to coat her skin with a gold armour, telepathic link with other symbiote wearer and laser protection system from her shoulders.

Mother-One (Rachel L. Rhodes) is a fictional character who is published by Wildstorm Productions and created by comic book artist Whilce Portacio. She is a part of a special forces who calls themselves Wetworks. She first appeared in Wetworks (Vol.1) #1.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Rachel Rhodes is the only female federal agent in the WildStorm universe with an extensive background in asymmetrical warfare. Her strong sense of duty lead her to join the CIA. Immediately put into the field she served 2 years of duty liaising between U.S. and guerrilla forces in Cuba and other third-world nations. During one of her missions she was ambushed and nearly killed.

Her injuries would have proved fatal if not for the intervention of IO's International Operations Miles Craven. Agent Rhodes was whisked away to a Waering Industries medical facility she was fitted with prototype cybernetic implants. These included hydraulic limbs, neural implants and communications hardware. With only 20% of her original body remaining she joined the NSC and became the first full cyborg placed on active duty. Since then she has adopted the callsign Mother-One.

At an unspecified later point Mother-One has been nearly destroyed, but her body was retrieved by Jackson Dane and repaired. In Wetworks vol.2 she returned with a drastically different appearance and a new ability to shape her "skin" into blades for use in close-combat.


First appearing on Wetworks (vol.1) #1, she was in charge of IO's "Cleaning Unit." In that capacity Miles Craven sent her to dispose of anyone, friend or foe, who emerged from the Team 7 suicide mission. However, she was secretly employed by Waering Industries which had tasked her with saving Team 7 and so that they could be employed against the Night Tribes. With Team 7 now known to be rogue agents, Mother-One renamed them Wetworks. She served as their communications coordinator and source of information whenever they are on a mission. At first, her personality was cold, but through serving under the command of Dane and being romantically involved with Grail, she became more open and caring, though reserved.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Like everyone in Wetworks she is bonded with a symbiote that hides inside of her and instinctively comes out to cover her skin as a golden armour. She activates her PIDS (Personal Integrated Defense System) or laser protection system, mounted on her shoulders, whenever a hostile approaches her. She also carries Mother-One Special; an ultra close combat high capacity machine pistol. It is a fully automatic, high performance pistol, designed to engage Mother-One's radius #1 hardpoint and interface through her "palm" comlink.

After her transformation into a vampire during the final story arc of the second volume of Wetworks, her physical abilities were greatly enhanced, allowing her to destroy the entire vampire army by herself. Currently, the limits of her newfound abilities are unknown, as are any supernatural powers she might have gained as a result of the transformation.

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