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The protecting Mother Camels (Arabic al'awa'id العوائذ) is the name given by ancient Arabic nomadic tribes to an asterism in the constellation of Draco. Instead of the head of a dragon, the asterism was interpreted as a ring of mother camels (formed by Gamma Draconis, Xi Draconis, Nu Draconis and Beta Draconis) surrounding a foal (the faint star HD 161693 (Alruba) in the middle), with another mother camel (Mu Draconis) running to join them.[1][2]

The Arabs did not see the constellation Draco as it is now. The Mother Camels were protecting the foal from the attack of two hyenas or wolves (Al Dhī᾽bain – Zeta Draconis and Eta Draconis). The faint pair Omega Draconis and 27 Draconis was known as the "hyena's claws" (أظفار الذئب, Al Aṭhfār al Dhīb).[1]


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