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The Mother Goose Award was an award annually presented by Books For Children[clarification needed] to "the most exciting newcomer to British children's book illustration."[1]

It was inaugurated in 1979 and last awarded in 1999.[2] Award winners received £1,000 and a gilded goose egg.


Twenty illustrators were recognised in 21 years.

Year Illustrator Title distinct
1979 Michelle Cartlidge Pippin and Pod
1980 Reg Cartwright Mr Potter's Pigeon Patrick Kinmonth
1981 Juan Wijngaard Green Finger House Rosemary Harris
1982 Jan Ormerod Sunshine
1983 Satoshi Kitamura Angry Arthur Hiawyn Oram
1984 Patrick Benson The Hob Stories William Mayne
1985 Susan Varley Badger's Parting Gifts
1986 (no award)
1987 P. J. Lynch A Bag of Moonshine
(British folktales retold) 
Alan Garner
1988 Emma Chichester Clark  Listen to This Laura Cecil, compiler 
1989 Charles Fuge Bush Vark's First Day Out
1990 David Hughes Strat and Chatto Jan Mark
1991 Amanda Harvey A Close Call
1992 Ted Dewan Inside the Whale and Other Animals  Steve Parker
1993 Claire Fletcher The Seashell Song Susie Jenkin-Pearce
1994 Lisa Flather Where the Great Bear Watches James Sage
1995 Flora McDonnell I Love Animals
1996 Bruce Ingman When Martha's Away
1997 Clare Jarrett Catherine and the Lion
1998 Mary Fedden Motley the Cat Susannah Amoore
1999 Niamh Sharkey The Gigantic Turnip
(from The Giant Turnip, publ. 1863)
Aleksei Tolstoy

Primary sources[edit]

Records of the Mother Goose Award from 1978 to 1986 are held in the archives of the Institute of Education, University of London.[3]

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