Mother Pluto

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Mother Pluto
Mother Pluto.jpg
Directed byDavid Hand
Produced byWalt Disney
Music byLeigh Harline
Color processTechnicolor
Distributed byUnited Artists
Release date
  • November 14, 1936 (1936-11-14)
Running time
8 minutes, 35 seconds
CountryUnited States

Mother Pluto is a Silly Symphonies cartoon released on November 14, 1936, directed by David Hand. The cartoon features the adorable pup, Pluto.


The cartoon starts out in a farmyard with a hen in Pluto's doghouse. She notices a butterfly and goes after it, after hiding all of the eggs under the hay in Pluto's doghouse so that no one will steal them. Once she leaves, Pluto returns and gnaws a bone to his doghouse. He feels something underneath him and hears some noise. That's when a chick hatched and Pluto is very surprised. All of the other chicks hatch and follow Pluto outside. He tries to escape by going over the fence but the chicks go through the fence holes to follow him. The chicks play with Pluto until they get distracted by a grasshopper and Pluto takes advantage of this to get away from the chick but when he notices one of the chicks upset after swallowing the grasshopper he comforts it and starts to enjoy being a mother. The hen comes back into Pluto's doghouse only to notice that her chicks have hatched and are gone. After finding them with Pluto she and Pluto argue over the chicks. The hen goes to a rooster to help her get back her chicks. The rooster, and Pluto fight as the chicks go in his doghouse. Pluto tired after the battle returns to his doghouse. He reminisces about his time with the chicks until they appear. Pluto embraces them and they live happily ever after.


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