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The Mother Teresa Awards, officially called the Mother Teresa Memorial Awards for Social Justice, are international and national awards presented annually to honour individuals and organizations that promote peace, equality and social justice, and aim to encourage the cause of justice and peaceful coexistence, while providing a impetus for society to imbibe these values. The awards are given in honour of Mother Teresa.[1]

History and structure[edit]

Mother Teresa Awards have been given since 2004 annually or biannually. They are an initiative of Harmony Foundation, an organization created by Abraham Mathai in Mumbai. It is the only award in the name of Mother Teresa recognized by the Missionaries of Charity.[2] Another award by this name, awarded for slightly different purposes, was approved by Mother Nirmala for use of the St. Bernadette Institute for Sacred Art.[3]

The awards are reviewed by a board of patrons that comprises Abraham Mathai, Mahesh Bhatt, a human rights activist, P. C. Thomas, Tushar Gandhi, great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Gul Kripalani, a consul-general from Iceland, and Rizwan Merchant, an advocate in the Indian Supreme Court.[4]


Year Recipients Award type Notes
National Award [5]
2006 International Award [6]
National Award
2007 no awards
2008 International Award [7]
National Award
2009 no awards
2010 International Award [8]
National Award
2011 no awards
2012 International Award [9]
National Award
2013 International Award [10][11]
National Award
2014 International Award [2][12]
National Award
2015 International Award [13]
National Award
2016 International Award [14]
National Award
2017 International Award [15]
National Award
International Award [16]
National Award


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